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January 6, 2012

WCC Ministry Trip to Israel Scheduled for This Summer

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How would you like to experience ministry in the land of Israel this summer? WCC will be hosting a minstry trip to Israel from June 29-July 12, 2012. An informational meeting will be held on Sunday, January 15 at 11:45 AM.


Israel has been a favorite tourist destination for Christian and Jewish travelers for generations. How can you not be intrigued at exploring the land of the Bible? But, this trip is about more than tourism.

We will join with ministry partners in the work of Operation Mobilization (OM) in the nation of Israel. OM mobilizes and equips people to share Christ’s love and bring hope to the world.

OM accomplishes this vision in a number of ways. As such, you will experience a variety of ministry and tourism settings as we travel the nation of Israel.


A Life-Changing Trip

There is no place in the world like Israel. A modern nation set amidst a backdrop of history, Israel is the Holy Land. For hundreds of years, people have continued to flock to Israel to visit the holy places. People want to walk where Jesus walked. It is often called the oldest tourist destination on earth. In Israel you can experience the Mediterranean, the desert, mountains, green valleys, lakes, rivers, and cities and towns of every size.

Israel is the cradle of the Jewish and Christian faiths. It is a nation where God has worked throughout history in miraculous ways. How would you like to see Him work in and through you in the Holy Land?

A Multi-Generational Trip

Woodbury Community Church believes in the power of short-term ministry trips. This trip is unique in that it is multi-generational. Limited to 18 people, our team will include children and adults, coming alongside of our hosts in Israel to accomplish great things. Children must be at least 18-years-old to travel to Israel without parents.

You may experience summer sports camp or English camp in Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus. You may be a part of a drama team in Galilee, or you may support the drama team through prayer and literature distribution. You may spend the night with a family in Bethlehem, the birthplace of our Savior. You may paint the home of a single mom or participate in special outreach to single moms. You may run a carnival or help with a VBS. You will have opportunities to share your story with new friends from across the nation of Israel. The possibilities are endless.

A Ministry and Tourism Trip

About half of our trip will focus on ministry and half will focus on tourism. You simply cannot go to the land of Israel and now take time to digest the sights.

This trip is much more than a vacation. You will never be the same upon your return. This is an opportunity to see the people, places and events of the Bible come alive before our very eyes.

Interested in joining us? Contact Pastor Brian at, or call the church office at (651) 739-1427.

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